• March 2006 – Painting at The Toronto Art Expo, Toronto.
    September 2005 – “Virtual Naidos” – an online exhibition, part of Arts Week.
  • August 2005 – “Sweet Emotions”– a group exhibition at Gallery 1313, Toronto.
  • June 2005 – “Bare canvas”– an installation piece within the intimate space of the Cell Gallery, Gallery 1313. The visitors were exposed to the creation process from the get go: the entire space became a bare canvas, ready to be painted. In this Installation I tried to face my fear of creating in public.
    Creating in front of people in the gallery, it’s not only me and the canvas One on One. This installation had developed beyond the bare canvas: viewers that were excited from the creation process wanted to become a painted part of it. Daily updates of the work in process were posted on www.naidos.ca.
  • March 2005 – Painting and sculptures at The Toronto Art Expo, Toronto.
  • January 2005 –” 7 Years – Good BeHaviour”– a group exhibition at Gallery 1313, Toronto.
  • July 2004 – “Summer Camp” – a group exhibition – The 10th anniversary exhibition of the Parkdale village arts collective, Gallery 1313, Toronto.
  • October 2002 – Lights in October – ArtLink@Sotheby’s online auction.
  • April 2002 – Fresh Idols – ArtLink@Sotheby’s online auction.
  • December 2001 – ArtLink@ Sotheby’s online auction.
  • November 2001 – ArtLink@Sotheby’s online auction.
  • September 2001 – “The Modern Metropolis” ArtLink@Sotheby’s online auction – paintings and sculptures.
  • August 2001 – ArtLink@Sotheby’s online auction.
  • March 2000 – “MOTHER EARTH” – an outdoor installation within “women 2000” group exhibition, Holon, Israel.
  • January 2000 – “MAY THE WAR REST IN PEACE” – a statue of the war’s gravestone (the only gravestone that all of us would be happy to see for real...) in the “Milestones for Peace” art project – an international on going exhibition, The International Artists Museum.
  • January 2000 – “Millennium” – an installation within a group exhibition at Engel Gallery, Tel–Aviv, Israel. This installation took the millennium colours.
    The visitors were invited to participate as an integral part of the work. The installation was built from three parts: the wall “regular painting”, the floor’s carpet painting and once you laid down on the painting you could meditate, relax and fly away with the nature music background and the sheltering “breathing” bird ceiling painting. An optimistic getaway......
  • December 1999 – An online auction at Engel Gallery’s web site.
  • January 1999 – ArtLink@Sotheby’s International Young Art 1999 – International auctions, that were held at Sotheby’s auction house in Tel–Aviv, Israel and Chicago USA
  • September – October 1998 – One–person exhibition at Engel Gallery, Tel–Aviv, .
    The gallery space became a flying zone – the visitors were invited to come and join the flock of birds. The paintings were on the walls and in–between, as if they were suspended in mid–air, the bird’s metal wire sculptures.
  • July 1998 – “The Flag of Peace” – a group exhibition at the Gala opening of the Givatayim Theatre.
  • May 1998 – An installation within the framework of a group exhibition at the Ribbak Museum, Bat–Yam, Israel. A floor painting located on the sea–sand coloured carpet floor, of the highly crowded museum space. An integral part of this installation was the visitor’s first encounter reaction – to step on a work of art? Where are the instructions? Their response to those who went over and jumped into the work...
  • April – May 1998 – One–person exhibition at Beit Habad Gallery, The Artist’s Village Eyn–Hod, Israel.
    In this unique gallery space all of the paintings were on stretcher free canvases, they were hanged with big rough nails on the gallery’s historian arches, and once the windows behind opened – they started to breath... The visitors were invited to my bird’s flying zone .
  • March – May 1998 – “The Bird’s Canopy” – an installation piece within the framework of a group project, “The House in Musrara 3”, at the Art Centre in Jerusalem, Israel (Organized by the City of Jerusalem and the Office in Tel–Aviv Association). In the wedding ceremony the canopy symbolizes the bridegroom’s invitation of the bride to come to his domain–the wedding canopy. In this installation I invited the visitors into the bird’s domain – a territory of freedom, optimism, peace....
    Bearing the typical symbols of the wedding canopy the bird’s canopy creates an optimistic bubble within the space .The four wedding canopy beams are suspended from above, not touching the floor. Four olive plants have been placed underneath the canopy’s beams– a symbol of peace and stability; young plants marking regeneration and optimism. Unlike the peace icon that features a dove carrying an olive branch, in my work the olive branch is separated from the bird. Were not there yet, but there is hope....
  • March 1998 – One–person exhibition at Hasifria Gallery, Ramat–Gan, Israel. (Under the auspices of the City and the Artists Association)
  • May 1997 – One–person exhibition at Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel–Aviv, Israel
  • April 1997 – One–person exhibition at Amalia Arbel Gallery, Rishon–Lezion, Israel.