Artist Statement

I work in an abstract figurative style on large canvases.
For more than a decade birds have been the main source of inspiration to my work.
This is an ongoing series of abstract figurative paintings, sculptures and installations capturing the essence of my bird.
I work with heavy layers of paint and thick black lines to define my bird’s forms and curves.

My bird is a feeling, she is a moment captured in time, a wish, a fear, a dream - she’s my own personal safe flying zone. My bird is an abstract figurative crossbreeding between different kinds of birds and animals - an imaginary bird like creature.

On the canvas I turn things around: the small delicate bird becomes gigantic, much larger than the canvas itself.
Throughout the years my bird had become bigger and bigger- more and more abstract.

My works are a window through which the viewer can see only a part of the bird; the rest is left up to the imagination. In many of the exhibition spaces, my works had neither titles, nor explanatory legends; thus the spectator was free to come up with a diversity of interpretations and personal images.
I’m a nature’s girl in an urban setting with a true love for animals and a strong belief that there is no need to kill or harm animals for us-the humans. I am yearning for eternity tranquillity - it’s much more than a political peace (although it’s a good starting point) - it is peace and harmony between all the world’s creation creatures and nature.

As an Israeli newcomer to Canada I can only say that my encounters with the Canadian breathtaking winter flurries, the summer rain, the black Crow, and the wonder of the sea gull’s dolphin laugh in the midst of our city life, has left me speechless...

These encounters have already started to influence my work - the strong winter white is now an integral part of my palate. As part of the influence of the local winter textures and the local bird’s features I have started working in the mixed media of a variety of new materials (such as glitter and sand).
My Canadian Bird is growing...

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